Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Here & Now

There's a commercial on TV that talks about one good decision leading to other good decisions, and a bad decision leading to other bad decisions. The person chooses to eat a piece of fruit instead of coffee cake (for example) and continues to make similar decisions throughout the day - salad vs. burger, etc. I believe this to be true. For me, my vice is sugar - and all it takes is one little bit to mess up all the momentum.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was writing down every single thing I put into my mouth. I gave up sugar, gluten and dairy and felt really good about it. All it took was a measly cookie on Christmas day, and I'm back to fighting the sugar addiction. Since Christmas, I think I've had something sweet (namely chocolate) every single day. It's just a week, you say, but to my skin it's like 8 steps backward. All the prospecting of the future and celebrating of the past mean nothing if I can't deal with the here and now.

Here's what I ate yesterday.
Green shake + fiber
Vitamin C, Mushroom caps, Probiotics
Decaf coffee with soy milk

2 pieces of chocolate from work...


Texas de Brazil salad buffet with friends--
Salad with brazilian salsa/dressing
2 pc. sushi
Garlic shrimp cocktail
3 slices manchego cheese
1 pc. prociutto
Roasted red peppers
Green beans

Coconut Pie

Wow...I feel like trash today, trash! It felt like my eyes were bleeding this morning...okay not really...but yea, too much food last night = tired/sad ME.

Tonight we'll be having a raw meal, zuccini pesto pasta over mixed greens, I'll post the recipe and photos tomorrow. D and I both agree that we're SO ready to detox. We're done with these sloth bodies...



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