Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 5 & 6 - Surviving the Weekend

For the record, raw rice tastes exactly as you would expect it to. I haven't looked into the nutritional value of eating it sprouted raw vs. sprouted cooked...but I'm sure the margin does not make it worth it. Here's my Saturday evening dinner -- sprouted raw wild rice over some spring greens and a curry-garlic infused olive oil dressing, D's yummy idea. I added a few leftover falafel balls to it, and that made it a little better. The flavors were all spectacular, I just couldn't get over the texture. I soaked the rice for 2 days, which probably softened it some, but not quite enough.

A recap of last night's birthday dinner out with friends. I had called the restaurant and ordered our dinners ahead of time, so as to avoid any awkwardness that our lifestyle would bring to the evening. I hate drawing attention to our diet, which is probably why I'm writing a public blog about it, right? Anyhow, the salads turned out BEAUTIFULLY! They were huge and green and luscious and tasty. I basically looked at all the salad offerings on the menu and compiled a suitable all-raw all-tasty creation. I toted a travel mug of our fave homemade balsamic vinaigrette to pour over top, too. Another fellow at our table ordered a regular Cobb salad that came standard with iceberg lettuce...and our salad looked way better than his. Sorry B...

Today we finally made it over to the gym to get our memberships going. Our friends P & A met us there to work out -- they're like super hardcore and will teach us how to train like none other. A & I have similar running goals, starting with  5k's and moving up to an 8k in April! So hopefully that will mean half marathon by the Fall...fingers crossed. Running felt good, I wasn't uber fatigued beside the fact that I haven't run in a while. So the raw thing didn't seem to be a factor for my energy. Yay =) If you are in Chicago, check out Conviction Fitness on Western Ave. Huge open gym with cardio/weights/classes, non-pretentious, non-commercial, EASY on the wallet. Best of all worlds.

Overall, I will say without a doubt, the weekend is a more difficult time to be raw. There's definitely temptation, and the whole relaxed/unstructured mentality of the weekend just lends itself to that need for a little indulgence. Eating out, grabbing drinks, the whole bit. It's a way of life, and being raw gets in the way. However, I'm proud that we survived without even scratching the surface of nervous breakdown. And I woke up this morning guilt-free! I figure the longer we resist, our temptations will fade away.... pizza? what's that?

Check back tomorrow for a look at our delish superfood shakes. And my analysis of the raw food bars out there....



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