Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Monkey Wrench in My Plan

A couple of things.

I do not have beautiful photos of a raw zuccini/pesto dinner from last night because I was sick as a dog on the couch, shivering from the depths of my soul. My loving and nurturing husband made me a fabulous vegetable and wild rice soup (with organic chicken stock) to help me along. I'm feeling a little better today (although I'm not working) and it just goes to show how all this frivolous sugar-enriched, dairy-laden eating can pile up to an icky mess of 'flu-like symptoms' if you let it...

So about the monkey wrench.

I've been interviewing a few people for an upcoming article in Mindful Metropolis magazine...a Chicago-based conscious mag about everything from green living to healthy eating. Look for my article on newsstands in February -- I think they have about 90 dropbox locations in the city and suburbs -- and it's FREE! So, the article is about Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian practice that uses diet, meditation, yoga, herbs, aroma therapy to create balance in the body. While I was speaking with one of the practitioners for the article, she made a mention of the Raw Food Diet... Okay, I didn't even ask her about raw! And she said something like -- raw food is a no-no in Ayurvedic practice, it creates anxiety in people because it is cold and drying. While it is a good detoxifying method, it can create imbalance in the longterm.

I find this very interesting for a few reasons. Well, it hasn't made me rethink the benefits of a raw food lifestyle because I have seen and experienced them firsthand. However, it makes me wonder if 100% raw is really the way to go. I have an Ayurvedic consultation tomorrow at noon, so I'll see if she makes any recommendations. This yearlong experiment may turn into something of a blend of perspectives. Maybe my "cheat" foods will be implemented on a more regular basis, to create that grounding that is spoken of "warm" foods. What I find most interesting about this whole conversation is that she brought this to my attention, I wasn't even inquiring about raw food. Makes me wonder if God is trying to tell me to search for balance, rather than striving for a100% raw year just for the sake of achieving it.

Much to think about!



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