About Me

Hi there, I'm Kristen - that's my new hubby, Dan, in the photo with me. This is us on our honeymoon this past July. Unfortunately, we don't look quite as tanned anymore, and other aspects of ourselves are, shall we say, more slothlike as of late. We've taken the plunge into marital bliss, while sacrificing some of our vanity in the process. So yes, this photo is somewhat deceiving. But for now, you can all believe that we both look this way all of the time =D

For some of the reasons described above, D and I have decided to do another Raw Food detox/cleanse in a 28-day program offered at a local raw food restaurant in Chicago. We did this once before in April 2010 and experienced such amazing results, we're now kicking ourselves that we didn't try harder to maintain. Some of the major benefits we experienced were: energy, weight loss, skin clarity, increased immunity, healthier overall feeling, oh and ENERGY. Lately we've been sluggish, gaining weight and I've been struggling with some serious skin issues. In short, we are imbalanced. I want to add that this is not all about our vanity, but in fact, feeling healthy is an addictive and desirable reward in and of itself.

Beyond the 28 days of guided detoxification, I am taking this venture a step (or 12) further and attempting to have a RAW YEAR! This will entail lots of homemade concoctions of lovely raw foods, ordering salads whenever I'm not in my house, and toting around loads of snacks to pacify me on a moment's notice. The hubby has not agreed to a full year of raw bliss...but I imagine he'll eat better if only because I am making the food.

And I have this pretty blog on which to share all of my adventures, findings, recipes, rants and of course, photos. Stay tuned!

Check out my first post to see all the Rules and Regulations for my Raw Year.