Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 108 - Acupuncture and the Waggoner

I found an acupuncturist online. He's from Shanghai, which makes me trust him, but he is very difficult to understand. I often wonder if our conversations are really accomplishing their intended purpose.... does he know what I'm requesting? Is he answering the question I asked? Most times I just stay quiet and assume he's doing the right thing, and that he'll help me. And ok, it's not as painless as people generally say. Depending on the area of the body, it either doesn't feel like anything, or um OUCH I definitely feel it. So it's not exactly the most relaxing thing, because I tense up depending on where he is inserting the needle. But once the needles are all in their appropriate spot, and he starts centering my "chi" by waving his hands over my face, I am generally zoned out and pretty relaxed =)

Basically, I sought out acupuncture when I heard from a friend (who is a med student) that a colleague of hers (also a med student) had really bad skin, and looks amazing now thanks to acupuncture and herbal remedies. So I've had three sessions so far, and I should say that I notice marginal improvement and flattening of the cystic areas... Dr. Zou says 10 sessions should return a 50% overall improvement. Do I like those odds? At 90 bucks a pop, we're looking at quite the investment... No less, I've gone three times and when the old man tells me I must obey him, and I must make another appointment for the next week - I guess all I can do is nod and give him my credit card. And I shouldn't complain, because as I said, my face is flatter as of late. Why are antibiotics so much cheaper than alternative medicine! GAH!

In other news, I signed up for a Live Box program through Cousins Incredible Vitality restaurant - the raw vegan spot where I did my initial detox program. I get 6 raw vegan meals a week, that I share with D - and it is going pretty well so far. I'm back on some sort of wagon, after falling off for most of April. I had been very busy at work, with catered food and the whole nine yards coming at me from every angle. What could I do but indulge a little? So I'm paying for it now, with tighter-fitting clothes and all. But eating clean has never been so welcome, HELLO SPRING! =) This week is the first in probably three where I haven't felt tired and bloated. YESSS

As for the blog, wow, falling down on the job much? I had warned readers from the beginning that this MIGHT happen. And yes, the worse I do and the less foods I prepare, the less I feel like doing any type of blogging. And the overall laziness that has set in is just incredible. I am, however, running a bit - I did an 8k in mid-April, and I'll do another 5 mile race at the beginning of May. Feels pretty good, if I could just muster the energy to do so consistently. That would be doubly great!

Lord give me self control! I have none!



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