Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 29 - Yum I'm Done!


The 28-day detox portion of this year has come to an end, and I survived =D Just to recap, last week I did ended the program with a 7-day fast, which really ended up being about 6 1/2 days by default. It was a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but I am seeing some results for my perseverance.
  • I lost a whopping 10 pounds in 6 days. My total weight loss for the month is 15 pounds...never fear I have gained back 3 already just from eating a couple of meals. I've been told, a weight gain of about 4 pounds is expected and "normal" after coming off the detox.
  • My skin is FINALLY showing me some improvement and it's nice to see. I'm down to just a few cysts on my cheeks and chin. I hope it will continue to improve as I stay away from dairy, wheat and sugar products.
  • My energy level is back to normal, I'm not feeling weak (since I've eaten) and I feel pretty well rested after about 6 hours of sleep, where previously I felt good after 8.
I broke fast with a delicious smoothie made only of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and spinach - all of the frozen organic variety - and it was DIVINE. The lighting by the stove was perfect, no I didn't cook it...

Coming up this week, I'm doing a 2-week Candida Cleanse by the same company that did the herbal kit I used for my 28-day cleanse, Ejuva. The goal here, while my system is pretty "pure", is to attack the candida (bacteria) that is causing my acne...and attack it on a deeper level than the initial cleanse was able to do. I'm taking new extracts and more probiotics 3x per day and eliminating all sugar, wheat, and starch from the diet. Or should I say, continuing to NOT eat them...

Today I ate an all-veggie salad for lunch with a red wine vinegar and olive oil drizzle. Was super yummy. Tonight we're going to try to skip dinner and do a little work out instead. I'm going to allow some cooked veggies, but stay about 80-85% raw throughout. the two weeks I think 85% raw will be a realistic number for me going forward, because there is a longing for warm things from time to time.

Also, I wanted to share that I ate at the Chicago Diner last night with my friend's a vegetarian/vegan diner on Halsted in Boystown. I was really trying to avoid the Superbowl snackfest, and didn't care all that much to watch the Packers/Steelers anyway. So this was as nice alternative. My meal was fantastic: sustainable veggies sauteed in Briggs Liquid Aminos (soy sauce substitute) over a bed of Quinoa. I was seriously drooling on my food while eating it...I could barely talk. SO GOOD. No tummy aches today, and I'm feeling great. Oh...and when I got home I saw ALL the Superbowl highlights on ESPN, so I feel like I watched the game anyway!




  1. Congrats! You have a level of self-discipline that I just never, ever will. I'm so proud of you!

  2. Why thanks! And truly, I'm so not disciplined - which is why I found myself in an unhealthy predicament to begin with. But I march forth...