Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 25 - I'm Gonna Get Through This

Remember that slightly irritating, slightly catchy song by Daniel Beddingfield -- I'm gonna get through this, gonna get through this....? I should be playing it on repeat at the moment.

So yesterday was the worst day of the last 25, by far. Thankfully we're amid Blizzard 2011, so I wasn't required to be all that productive. The snow plows on Montrose have created a barricade to the side streets, so our cars are literally trapped -- and last night Comcast went down, so we can't even "work" from home until they address that issue. It makes our techno-fasting a little more literal! I'm sitting at Subway to update my blog -- Starbucks was way too packed.

So anyway, back to my brutal day. I woke up, did my normal routine, took my herbs. I went to sit on the couch and I was feeling a little dizzy. The more I sat upright, the dizzier I one point I was hugging our door frame on my way to the kitchen because I thought I was going to fall. So the dizziness lead to some severe nausea -- because I have a pretty weak stomach. So I went to lay down in bed, and I started noticing that my heart was pounding at the slightest move. I would simply turn over in bed and my heart would start to race......something was definitely wrong.

I took about an hour nap, then called one of the holistic practitioners I work with who does Lymphatic Drainage. I told her what I was dealing with, and she said it sounds like symptoms of Candida die-off. All I felt like doing in that moment was EATING, but I knew it was at least symptomatic of my body getting rid of toxins -- so I wanted to avoid that scenario if possible! She suggested I add some "green protein" to my juice with lemon to get my bowels moving and eliminating the bad stuff. So my loving husband made me a green juice with added Chlorella (superfood), lemon juice and cayenne.... Honestly after one, I felt okay, but remained in a horizontal position on the couch for a while.

I had a second juice, same recipe, a couple of hours later. And within a couple more hours I felt almost normal. I still feel somewhat depleted and weak, but my body is using most of my energy to tend to the toxins, I believe. Sometimes I picture what my insides are doing as cartoon characters: "Hooray! She's giving us time to get rid of this crap, instead of shoving more sloth food at us! Let's get to work team!"

So that was yesterday. I've made it through 3 days of successful fasting -- I'm down about 6 pounds for the week -- 11 total for the month. Some of it I will surely gain back when I put any kind of solid food in my mouth. I'm wearing the ultra-skinny jeans that I wore shortly after my first detox, you'll see them in our engagement photos on FB. I literally wore these jeans ONCE haha. It feels good =D However, I think about what it would take to wear these jeans -- and if fasting is the only way -- I'll wear them once a year and that is fine.

It's funny, as the week goes by, I find myself saying "wow it's already Thursday!" But I've also mentally changed my end-day multiple times "well if I can make it to Friday, I'll break it then." "Maybe Saturday..." I'm taking it one day at a time. If it makes sense for me to break the fast on Saturday, I will do so. 7 days isn't for everyone, and my body is still doing a bunch of healing this week.

I wish I could say the same for my skin! I think it is flattening out, but it's still hella red. And the zits are migrating to my chin...I've NEVER had acne on my chin! This candida is one tough cookie. Anyway, I'm hanging in there. The smell of fresh bread in the oven at Subway is a lot to take in, but I guess I'm just powering through. D made some kind of kimchi soup with brown rice last night...smelled delissshh. But it smells like kimchi in our house today, yick.




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  1. Kristen, I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't already know but fasting is something that needs to be done very carefully. I can recommend a really good osteopathic physician, if you're interested. He changed my life. A good friend of mine recommends a honey and lemon fast for cleansing. He said he never got hungry and he did it for an entire weekend. Fainting is not cool, just ask Riccardo Muti.

    Love, Joe (aka Daddy)