Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 22 - Fasting...Furiously

Wow what a week of laying down on the blogging job! Since I haven't updated since last Tuesday, there is much to write today.

I've lost another pound - so my grand total for 3 weeks on the raw detox is 5 pounds lost. A little disappointed with that number, but I've also felt like these 3 weeks haven't been all that difficult, so perhaps it's a factor of balance that is allowing my body to hang onto some of the weight. I still feel great and slim. My skin is pretty bad, and I've chalked it up to the fact that I'm detoxing and my body may be ridding the toxins out of my skin. I've also indulged in a bit of (raw) dessert, maybe more than I should be. Feeding the candida...a billion little bacteria at a time...

Emotionally, I'm still in a little bit of a rebellious phase, and I think I've pinpointed it to the fact that D is cheating whenever he wants. He is indulging in social settings, and eating raw with me at home -- and maybe I'm a little jealous of that, or just feeling like "yea, why can't I do that too??" He has also gained back the 10 pounds he lost in week 1, so there's the trade off, if you will. There is definitely an element of support that is necessary to a successful lifestyle change, I think. And feeling like you are "going it alone" makes things all the more difficult. Moreso if you live with the person who is not following along...

Here's the Deal with Week 4:
Eating NO solid foods from Monday to Sunday
Drinking juice as regularly as needed - only fresh.
Taking herbs 4 times per day.

I will probably break my fast on Sunday evening with a smoothie. I'm breaking it Sunday instead of Monday morning, because I don't really want to wake up on Monday and get the kitchen all messy right before work. I'm mostly excited for this week, but I know I've made it more difficult on myself that I had sugar last week -- the cravings will probably show their nasty faces and cause some anxiety in the first few days. Power through!! Drinking fresh juices will help with that...

GET THIS! A raw organic vegan cafe opened just below our apartment! It is called Earth's Healing Cafe, and we've been waiting for it to open since November. HOORAY! Perfect timing, they offer a menu of fresh I can pop downstairs when I'm feeling sad or hungry.

For your reading pleasure, here are a couple of very interesting articles about the company Monsanto. I won't say anything more....they are good reads.

Manifest Haiti: Monsanto's Destiny

A Month Without Monsanto



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  1. Booooooo to monsanto suing farmers for their seed's DNA showing up on their plants... bee and wind pollination is out of the control of a farmer!